About Us

IMG_0461 (Large)History of kafana

Some would simply describe kafana as the Serbian equivalent of a tavern or a bistro, but kafana is much more than this: it’s almost a way of life!
The word kafana comes from the Turkish word kahvehane which means “coffee place” or “coffee house”. By the mid 20th century the number of kafanas in Belgrade was in fact so increased that the owners started looking for a different “something” to attract more customers – and that’s when live traditional folk music acts were introduced. Nowadays in Belgrade, kafana continues to be the place for meeting friends, drinking, talking, enjoying traditional cuisine, folk music and having a great time.
And this is where our story begins…

We are true hedonists and gourmets who enjoy great food, music and good time, and the best place where you can find these things all in one is kafana. Therefore we would like to invite you to come to our kafana and to experience with us a true gastronomic adventure and pleasure. Our kafana will make you feel like home. The fireplace, where the fire always remains lit, gives that special warm cosy feeling we all love.

Stara Kafana (The Old Kafana) is a place where families, friends, old and new, gather and the place where you celebrate and enjoy life. The tradition of Serbia is woven in its walls, and Serbian architect Djordje Krstic imbued it with a soul creating a unique ambience that makes everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. In our kafana all your senses will be awaken. The perfect selection of traditional Serbian food and dishes, prepared with love and passion, is characterized by simplicity and richness in tastes, colours and odours.

We can’t imagine having fun and good time without music. With music we celebrate, we rejoice, we live. Every night, here in the Stara Kafana you will enjoy traditional folk tunes and old town music preformed by wonderful and charming tamburitza musicians. The atmosphere, reminiscent of old Belgrade spirit and its bohemians will make every night spent here memorable.

Authentic Serbian cuisine is diverse mixture of various European cuisines and some of our specialties are hard to describe in words – so, the best thing would be to taste them. We put our heart and soul into selecting the best for our guests. We are expecting you.