You can try all delicious traditional dishes from Serbia at our kafana – Srem cheese and Sjenica cheese, kaymak and Zlatibor’s dry smoked ham, “tobacco” pork rinds from Valjevo, Pirot ‘’ironed’’ sausages, first-rate brandies and natural home made juices.

We are proud of our traditional dishes that you simply must try.

We recommend them every day at any time.

Here you can always enjoy fresh hot cornbread and home made pies from our bakery, beef and pork smoked ham and prosciutto, kulen sausage, goat cheese, fresh and ripened cow’s milk cheese, kaymak, potato with bacon, pickled vegetables, aivar and beetroots.

With all this savory and appetising food, choose and try some of our national brandies called rakia.

You will enjoy every moment you spend at our kafana, whether you come here to have breakfast, lunch or dinner.